Apple: Think differently.


Steve Jobs (1955-2012) was considered a genius by many, and almost supernatural by some. Others loathed him and his products. But no matter what you thought of him, he was a hell of a business man.

He brought us MP3 players that actually worked; he brought us slates (the old Science Fiction term for a tablet device. Hey! We’re living in the future!); he brought a style and a sense of cool to every product he touched. He started Pixar in his spare time, and deserves at least half of each Oscar they won, and he was gone before they got bought by Disney and made Cars 2.

Basically, this guy was Midas.

iPod touch —> *Gold*.

And now, Apple stock is down. Way down. Take a look at this link, and note the years leading up to 2012. The blue line is Apple, and it is shooting up into near Earth orbit. The red line is the Dow Jones Index (basically all the US companies combined) for context. We can see that the economy was slowing everything down, and then, POW!, Apple explodes, as the rest of the world begins dusting itself off. Then Mr. Jobs passes away, and POP!, Apple starts to deflate and the sky-diver in that weather balloon from Red Bull jumps ship. 

But, lets remember something: This is Steve Jobs we are talking about here. No matter who is running the company, this was Steve’s baby. The company did just fine the year before, when his illness was a secret. Suddenly, the products don’t sell? Take a look at three different quarters for 2011-13, for Apple’s sales/profits for yourself (hint, look at the gross earnings for Q1 for each of the last three years).

I think Steve Jobs has given us one last gift. His passing has created a drop in Wall Street’s confidence in Apple, but his vision remains. Now, we all get a second chance to believe in him.

I don’t know about you, but, I’ll hate myself if I didn’t buy when I had a chance — again!

NOTE: StockGuilt is a blog about interesting stocks, and our views. We are not stock brokers, investment councilors, planners or legal advisers. In fact, at least one of us is an idiot. The rest are just folks who think about investments. This is what we think, and what we will do/did. In no way are we telling your what to buy or sell … Do your own homework.

If it works out for you, and you feel generous, well, we’ll probably get in trouble if we take your money, so …  We like Ronald McDonald houseUnicefSalvation Army and SafeNest


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