Best of StockGuilt: Ten Resonable Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About Making Money

Hello, my name is Jon, and I have guilt. I have guilt about things I do. I have guilt about things I fail to do. I have guilt about things I think, feel and see. I have guilt about crap I don’t even have control over.

But this article is not about parenting, cholesterol intake, or the dog poop in the back yard, it’s about investing in the stock market. We, here at StockGuilt feel that making money is a good thing, but we also feel guilty about it.

So we have bantered around our round table in the office command center, and come up with our top 10 list of reasons that we feel that making money is a good thing. We all acknowledge that this is a futile defense mechanism  and most likely we are just spoiled rotten, fat, heartless and horrible people because other people don’t have what we have, and everyone (ironically mostly beautiful and rich people) tell us that we should be guilty about it.

10) “Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of who we already are, whether it’s greedy or loving.”

Dan Millman, Author of ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’

9) We should raise everyone up! We should stop thinking about those that have, and how much they have, and think more about those who don’t. Everyone should be rich.

8) We are good people! If we truly believe people with the money right now are doing a crappy job with the world they own, we should try to take the power out of their hands.

7) If we were rich, how much good could we do? I know my personal dream is to start a free university, open to all people …

6) You could inspire others. What if you could empower a child from a lower socioeconomic level to prosper? How much despair could that avoid, for herself or her friends?

5) Think about the elderly, struggling to live. Would you wish that on others, just because society says it’s not alright to be economically strong? Then why would you wish it on yourself?

4) Your children.

3) You don’t have to keep it. If you had a million dollars, you could change someones life. You could change 10 someones lives …

2) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They are the second biggest single contributor for grants for public health and education in the United States, after the United States Government! 

1) Sir Richard Branson: This.

About EpiHackr

I am a full time dad and business owner. I have a background in public health epidemiology.

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  1. When I was young I made a promise to myself, a promise to never want money, to never feel the stress money brings. It’s taken me years to rewire those thoughts. You’re absolutely right! Money is a tool, how you use that tool is up to you.

    • I think there are two major factors in our thinking: One, we are told that obsession with money is bad, and that is true, but obsession with anything is harmful (i.e., soccer moms, stalker ex’s, food, self); I think people get confused with the act and the object. Money is not bad, it’s some people’s actions regarding money that is bad. Two, jealousy. I think if we all take a close look at ourselves, we will see that this distorts our perceptions, thoughts & feelings.

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